Benefits of home having tinted window 

The benefits of having your home be tinted have a wide range. Windows open your home to the natural light outside and providing you the natural warmth from the sun and best of all you will have the view of the outside world. But unfortunately, windows also open up to the possibility of higher energy cost and heat build-up or excessive glare and later will result to the fading of your interior furnishing, flooring and furniture. Tinting your window with a high-quality film will allow you to block the excess sunlight and heat that is a major contributor on the fading of your interior furnishing. 

Benefits of home

Cut the cooling cost of your home up to 50% 

Approximately half of your home’s utility bill is wasted when you have untreated windows. Having untreated window could lose the cool air easily if it’s too hot outside and heat will go through the window, same goes with heating. Having tinted window could significantly improve the efficiency of the energy that will save you up to 50% electricity on cooling and heating cost. 

Reduce heat and also the irritating glare 

Opening your blinds and curtains and letting the light go through but the heat will also go through. Having a tint will be able to block the heat and excess light while eliminating the irritating glare making it comfortable for you inside while watching TV or working on your computer. This film is ultra-clear and is made of distortion free materials so you will not notice that it is there. 

Lessen the effects of those harmful UV rays 

Most of the furniture, fabrics, furnishing and even artworks could fade simply because of a sunlight passed through your window which is not treated. This is why you need to have your window filmed especially those window that is in direct sunlight which shines directly into your interiors. Tinted windows could block almost 99% of UVA and UBV rays that help to protect your family and preserve the color of your furnishings, fabrics and event flooring at the same time. 

Corrects temperature Balance 

Filmed windows could eliminate hot or cold spots in your home. Film prevents the entry of hot or cold from the outside through the glass that will make a more balanced temperature in the entire room and will also reduce your air conditioning system’s load. 

Protects your home and family 

It is a real hazard for your home when a glass gets broken from accidents or storms but you can safeguard your family by having your windows filmed for safety because this transparent barrier is a powerful medium that holds the glass intact in its place when the impact occurs. This will also help in making the intruder out. 

Affordable alternative to those replacement windows 

Damaged or deteriorating windows need to be replaced and this is the tinted windows become a great replacement because it is an affordable alternative window replacement especially if you are looking for energy efficiency but it only cost less. 

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How to protect the floor, furnishings and furniture against sun damage 

Most of the homeowner loves the sunshine through their home windows and some are not aware that this can damage your house interior particularly the furniture, furnishings and your floor. This is because if the sunlight with heat and UV rays is combined, it can cause damage to your home, floor and furniture inside your home. Read more to find out more about the damage a sun could bring and some things to consider in protecting your home and furniture from the sun damage. 

furnishings and furniture

There is a misconception about the sun’s UV rays is that it caused sun damaged floors, furniture and furnishing. UV rays are the largest component that causes the fading of wood and it is accounted to be 40% of the total cause of fading. The heat you feel that pass through your window also contributes more to the fading of your interior and it was accounted to have 25% contribution to the fading. The remaining factor that results to fading of your floor and furniture are the things that are hard to control and do not contribute much such as interior lighting, humidity and others 

One thing is for sure that you cannot stop the fading completely even if you will put your item in the dark and a climate-controlled room, it will also fade overtime. But if you have a plan to have the furniture or the flooring to be placed in the area with direct sunlight or being exposed to the elements, the best thing you could do is to focus on the major contribution that affects the fading. By significantly attacking these major factors of fading should lessen the fading process and prolong the life of the floors and furniture and floor that is exposed in the sun. one of the best ways to attack the major contribution that affect fading is by having a window film. 

Most of the homeowners do not want to close up their home in order to stop the fading occurrence of interior like floor and furniture. If you are not having you window covered, you need to have something to stop the major factors reach you home. This is where the film becomes a greater option because it attacks all major three contributors that make the fading process faster before they enter your home. Most film installed by professionals in your window could block almost about 99% of UV rays and that it can significantly lessen the heat that comes through your window and possibly blocking up around 60% of the light that is visibly coming through your window without darkening the window fully. Having these major factors of fading contributor be taken fully or be blocked most of it, you can take a huge part of the fading process making your interior such as furniture, furnishing and floor making them last longer. The best thing about window tinting in Brooklyn is that you can accomplish this while having the same open feel of the home through the use of window film. 


Reasons Why Window Film Needs to be Included in Your Next Home Improvement 

Maybe you are planning for you next home improvement in the coming months and while we are working on the list, you might think that having a window filmed is not really that important but come to think of the benefits of having a tinted window, anyways here are some of the reasons why it is really needed to have a tinted widow for your home should be on the list. 

Home Improvement

Having a filmed window will have you a protective layer that blocks the excessive heat from entering to your home through the glass window for there are some windows that get a lot of sun all through the day. These windows are the hotspot from the heat which enters the home and often accompanied by those irritating glares. Often times if you really have comfort in this area of your home, you have to adjust like the air conditioning for more cooling to take effect because there will be less cool in areas near the window. The problem in this case is that the cold air easily cools down and the room temperature will not be the same even if it is in one room only. Using window films can solve your problem on these specific windows reducing the heat and the glare without covering the entire window with a blind but will maintain the openness of your window. 

Having windows that allows heat to enter your home is that your air conditioning will more likely to work longer time in order to cool the entire room and make it comfortable for you. that extra time consumes energy and will cause you money on your electric bill. Having this improved will not only make your air conditioning work in its efficient and optimize working capacity which will save you money but also to be able you to stay in the room more comfortably. 

Most homeowners have a list of renovation and home improvement list but most of it are new flooring, having new furniture and maybe some artwork to be more elegant the interior will be but before having these improvements in your home. You might be considering the windows first. Having these things with window that allows heat to enter in your home will only damage your flooring and furniture in the long run. So, in order to protect you flooring and furniture, have your window be filmed first to protect the things you are planning to put inside. Having your window filmed can block almost 99% of heat that cause your furniture to fade, being able to eliminate excess heat can prolong the lifespan of everything inside.  

Choose the most reputable home tinting company, just search window tinting services near me if you are looking for the experts to have your home windows tinted to be able to protect the inside of your home before the major renovation and improvement. Protect the furniture even if you are still planning for it for it is better to have its protection ready before having the interior design you would want.