About Us 

DJ Keri believes that music is more than being just a sound. It is actually more than that. To many it is part of their everyday life. It sometimes brings out the best or different side of the person. That sometimes it is in their mind and even run in their blood and that without music they can never be complete as an individual.   

Here at DJ Keri, we believe that music can play a significant part in everyone in different way for the reason that music is certainly a beautiful thing and that we can never deny and surely music can never be shattered. And since music comes in countless different styles, we would like to be your source of different genre of music that largely depends on your like, personality, style of music as well as the current trends. 

DJ Keri, also aim to be your source of daily inspiration and not just about music we also took an extra mile in order to provide a functional website that could cater relevant information for you daily needs especially about the society’s issue. Name it, from daily hacks, tips and useful resources that you our reader could utilize.