Benefits of home having tinted window 

The benefits of having your home be tinted have a wide range. Windows open your home to the natural light outside and providing you the natural warmth from the sun and best of all you will have the view of the outside world. But unfortunately, windows also open up to the possibility of higher energy cost and heat build-up or excessive glare and later will result to the fading of your interior furnishing, flooring and furniture. Tinting your window with a high-quality film will allow you to block the excess sunlight and heat that is a major contributor on the fading of your interior furnishing. 

Benefits of home

Cut the cooling cost of your home up to 50% 

Approximately half of your home’s utility bill is wasted when you have untreated windows. Having untreated window could lose the cool air easily if it’s too hot outside and heat will go through the window, same goes with heating. Having tinted window could significantly improve the efficiency of the energy that will save you up to 50% electricity on cooling and heating cost. 

Reduce heat and also the irritating glare 

Opening your blinds and curtains and letting the light go through but the heat will also go through. Having a tint will be able to block the heat and excess light while eliminating the irritating glare making it comfortable for you inside while watching TV or working on your computer. This film is ultra-clear and is made of distortion free materials so you will not notice that it is there. 

Lessen the effects of those harmful UV rays 

Most of the furniture, fabrics, furnishing and even artworks could fade simply because of a sunlight passed through your window which is not treated. This is why you need to have your window filmed especially those window that is in direct sunlight which shines directly into your interiors. Tinted windows could block almost 99% of UVA and UBV rays that help to protect your family and preserve the color of your furnishings, fabrics and event flooring at the same time. 

Corrects temperature Balance 

Filmed windows could eliminate hot or cold spots in your home. Film prevents the entry of hot or cold from the outside through the glass that will make a more balanced temperature in the entire room and will also reduce your air conditioning system’s load. 

Protects your home and family 

It is a real hazard for your home when a glass gets broken from accidents or storms but you can safeguard your family by having your windows filmed for safety because this transparent barrier is a powerful medium that holds the glass intact in its place when the impact occurs. This will also help in making the intruder out. 

Affordable alternative to those replacement windows 

Damaged or deteriorating windows need to be replaced and this is the tinted windows become a great replacement because it is an affordable alternative window replacement especially if you are looking for energy efficiency but it only cost less. 

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